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WHOLENESS: Being All You Are

  • 118 Elliot Street Brattleboro, VT, 05301 United States (map)

Please join Dicken Bettinger and Andy Winter for a fun and relaxing weekend looking at our true nature and the power of our innate psychological and spiritual health.

We all have ideas about who we are—our limitations, gifts, likes, dislikes, potential, personality and more, but what if all these thoughts and this entire identity was something we innocently created for ourselves? What if all of it was just an illussionary facade and beneath it was an intelligence, health, and energy far greater than we have imagined. What if we could look beyond all of these constructs about ourselves and glimpse who and what we are before them?

The truth is that when a person even glimpses the true nature of human beings their experience changes. Their life changes. They begin to see that every moment of our lives is a fresh new moment and we are not bound by our past or our ideas about "who" we are (or anyone else's ideas about who we are). Human beings have far more freedom than that. Once we begin to see our true nature we discover that life is not bound by the limitations we previously believed were real and we are not who we think we are..

Dr Dicken Bettinger is an internationally aclaimed author, speaker, and mentor and has worked with thousands of people throughout the world. Andy Winter is a mentor and coach and has been helping people discover their true potential for almost 30 years. Together they have over 65 years of experience sharing the principles behind human experience, the nature of how human beings create their experience moment to moment, and the intelligence behind this capacity.

Understanding the principles behind human experience has the potential to affect you in profoundly positive ways.

There is some scholarship money available so please contact Andy Winter at if you need financial assistance in order to attend. Please do not let the price determine whether you think you can attend this event.