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Creators Workshop Series (Part 1): Create a Brilliant Life With Ease

  • What Cheer Writer's Club 160 Westminster St. Providence, RI (map)
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Are you a creator of content, a designer, artist, entrepreneur, or solopreneur? Or are you in transition to any of these worlds?

Do you want to step more brilliantly ahead in what you create in the world - an idea you want to breathe life into, a project to advance, a business to create or expand?

Do you have so many projects running and ideas floating that you sometimes lose clarity and focus and miss opportunities?

Do otherwise brilliant prospects and possibilities get shrouded in doubt? 

Have you reached a plateau in your work or business and are wondering what’s next?

Would you like to create a more brilliant life, a life with more clarity, creative focus, flow and results. A life without all the stress, overwhelm and resistance that gets in the way?

If any of these are true for you then here’s an invitation to experience a paradigm shift in what’s possible.


In this experiential two-part workshop, you’ll be introduced to the powerful principles behind the human design and how to leverage that power to create what you want in life with less resistance, stress and overwhelm, and more focus, productivity, ease and results.

Whether it’s a project, an idea, a business, or a transition to the new, it’s about creating something(s) you want in your life with new found ease.

When you understand the nature and the power of the human design for creation, for innovation, and for thriving in all your endeavors, then the implications become clear and powerful catalysts for you. From there you’ll know how to create the applications for your own brilliant life.

Create a Brilliant Life with Ease Creators Workshop Series is about realizing your full creative potential with an ease and resiliency that you probably didn’t think was possible.  And with the opportunity to continue that exploration and expand your own creative brilliance with ongoing support through The Circle of Creators mentorship series beginning in December.


WORKSHOP ONE - October 26th, 10am to 4pm

Understand the power of the human design for insight, creativity, innovation and resilience.

In this workshop:

  • You’ll be introduced to a foundational understanding of the design of the human mind and its implications for creating and thriving whatever your circumstances. 

  • We’ll uncover the biggest factor in having a reliable and sustainable connection to your innate genius, the source of creativity, innovation, resilience and well being.

  • You’ll understand the role our minds play in accessing powerful new capabilities within that will help you create, navigate and problem solve with new found ease leaving you in the drivers seat.

  • You’ll step into an easier way of working with more focus, less resistance and the effortlessness possible in creating results and success in any endeavor.        

WORKSHOP TWO - November 9, 2019, 10am to 4pm

Learn to effortlessly leverage your understanding of the human design to brilliantly create what you want in the world. 

In this workshop:

  • You’ll build on what you’ve learned in the first workshop and experienced for yourself in between sessions, you’ll see that creation gets easier, more fun, more impactful.     

  • We’ll highlight, illuminate and strengthen your connection to the source of your creativity, resilience, ease and well being.

  • You’ll learn how to tap into a natural momentum and get out of being stuck or plateaued to achieve the results you want.

  • You’ll get the keys to become a powerful, clear minded creator whether in the simplest of things, in important-in-the-world projects, or in anything in-between. 

  • This is your invitation to work at a new level of creativity!

Between Workshop Sessions One and Two you’ll receive additional digital resources to support your learning and experience.


Circle forming December 2019

  • Would you like help in bringing forth your best ideas and seeing them to fruition?

  • Would you like to work from inspired action more often, with remarkable solutions and easy creative flow to results and success.

  • Would you benefit from feedback and support from a mentor within an engaged group of fellow creators?

In this ongoing mentored circle and with an understanding of your human design for creation and thriving, you’ll be supported to tap into a natural momentum for your creations.

You’ll have the option to create a powerful environment for yourself that cultivates new ideas, creative problem-solving, collaboration and new found energy as you engage in your creative project.

Circle of Creators will be an invitation only mentorship program beginning in December. Details will be available during Workshop Two

Event Location:

What Cheer Writer's Club

160 Westminster St.

Providence, RI 02903

Event dates and times:

This is a two part workshop.

Saturday, Oct. 26th, 2019 — 10:00 am to 4:00pm
Saturday November 9th, 2019 — 10:00 am to 4:00pm

(Both days will include refreshments, healthy snacks and an hour lunch break)


$199 for the combined workshops if registered before Oct.15th.