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Trusting Wisdom: Realizing Your Potential


Join Dicken Bettinger and Andy Winter for a weekend of stories, teachings, and discussions as they explore the capacity we all have to see and appreciate how we are all guided by wisdom.

This two-day workshop is for anyone interested in better understanding their innate wisdom and innate mental health. It is a perfect opportunity to relax, quiet our busy minds, and enjoy a glimpse of life beyond our personal thinking. When we look upstream from personal thoughts, beliefs, ideas, fears, prejudices, and worries ... when we see life before the contamination of our personal thinking we see a potential in ourselves and all people. A potential for unlimited grace, happiness, focus and love that is in no way tied to our circumstances, our past, to anything or anyone. Dicken and Andy will be helping participants open windows (metaphorically) to let more freshness, light, and insight into their lives. With this we hope you will see that peace, love, awareness and freedom from insecurity are not qualities or states to be attained but instead are the very nature of what you are. Connection to others and the world is not something to develop -- it is the essence of your life already because it is the essence of life.

Dr. Dicken Bettinger is a world- renowned speaker and author of the book Coming Home. Dicken has worked with individuals, couples, government agencies, fortune 500 companies, therapists, physicists, and people from every walk of life from around the world. Andy Winter is an educator and coach with over 25 years experience working with people to help them understand and live from their innate health. He was the founding director of two innovative high schools and has a practice as a coach and consultant in Brattleboro, Vermont.

Please join Dicken and Andy for a very special weekend.


Note: Monday's workshop is oriented towards people who are looking to share this understanding or already have a practice. Monday's workshop will run from 9:30-4:00. Saturday and Sunday is open to anyone interested in developing a deeper appreciation for life.

Please contact Andy Winter if you have any questions.