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The True Essence of The Principles with Jack Pransky


Many of us now understand what the Three Principles are, but what is the true essence of their meaning for our day-to-day lives? The answer lies in simplicity. And in simplicity can be found the most depth.

Since Jack Pransky stumbled upon what he believes to be the true essence of the Principles, his trainings and coaching/counseling have improved by leaps and bounds. Jack has noticed that there is some confusion around this subject, so his desire to help people deepen their understanding.

Since he will always be a New Englander at heart and is up here for the summer, please join Jack for a small, informal discussion on this topic. A give and take discussion with questions is encouraged.

*Please note, this event will take place at a private residence in Newtonville, Massachusetts. You will receive the exact address in your Eventbrite confirmation email once you have purchased a ticket.


Jack Pransky, Ph.D. is one of the leading Three Principles authors, having written or co-authored nine books on the Principles. He has been studying, learning and teaching the Principles since 1991 and mentoring and coaching since 1999. Most of his work is now international.