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Invisible Power: Principles Behind Personal Capacity

If you are a coach or consultant or someone who would you like an introduction to or a deepening in your understanding of the principles behind how the human mind works, this program would be of benefit, especially if you want to:

  • See where high performance in business and life really comes from – for individuals, for teams, for organizations
  • Learn about simple, powerful principles that underlie all human experience and behavior
  • See for yourself how to share this understanding effectively in the world of business
  • Add to your understanding for those already familiar with these Principles.

It is also excellent for the following audiences:

  • Anyone new to these principles who would like an in depth introduction.
  • People currently working in the corporate world.
  • Small business owners and entrepreneurs.

This program is occasionally offered via LIVE STREAMING.

If you want to see us in action, Innate Wellbeing has video recorded a few of our programs and offers them for sale on their website.