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Freeing the Athlete's Mind - The Route to Enhanced Performance


Join us for this fascinating conversation, as Andy and Denise explore how psychological freedom enables athletes to perform at their highest levels.

Every athlete knows what “the Zone” is or what it feels like to be in the “flow” during competition. These are times when our actions, movements, and decisions come to us quicker than we can think them intellectually. Athletes often describe a feeling of “losing themselves to the moment” and when asked they are not really sure how they did whatever it is they just did. Denise and Andy will help participants understand the true nature of psychological freedom and the deeper intelligence that guides us on and off the court and field and is available at all times to every athlete, coach, parent, spouse or colleague.

Coaches will gain a greater understanding and appreciation for the tremendous potential that is available to athletes when they move beyond their personal thinking and engage more fully in the moment. The truth is our very nature allows us to function at tremendously high levels regardless of the circumstances we find ourselves in or any other external factors.

Denise and Andy will help illuminate the role that joy and love play in sport and how when athletes and coaches turn their attention away from the outcome and towards their love of the game or the thrill of competition, worry and stress diminish or disappear.  What is left is a fantastically responsive person functioning at a very high level, moving with greater grace and ease all while having the time of their lives.

All it takes is for an athlete to understand how their experience is being generated moment to moment via their own thinking (not due to their circumstances). Once they see that “pressure” in sport, though a very real feeling, is an entirely self-generated experience and does not exist outside of their head. … Once they gain greater trust in the formless intelligence available to them and in fact operating them at all times, they let go and play with greater grace, ease, and joy.

The implications for sportspeople who profoundly see how experience works and who and what they are at their core are staggering. Touching that space of infinite creativity is a beautiful gift, and it is not for the talented few, nor does it take years to develop, it is available to all of us, at any moment, given any circumstance.

Whether you coach world-class athletes or recreational athletes the shortest and surest path to enhanced performance is the same -- understanding the principles behind the human psychological operating system. Just seeing how it works enables much greater freedom of thought and movement tailored perfectly to the moment we are in.