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Infinite Brilliance: Stories of Transformation

Jaqueline Sharon may 23-01.jpg

The discovery of constant psychological principles has illuminated a remarkable natural intelligence that is behind all human transformation. This intelligence works as elegantly as the physical immune system to bring everyone and anyone lasting change, healing and evolution. When we understand how it works and allow it to function unfettered, it frees us from old grips of habits and addictions, and allows us to live in renewed psychological freedom. This natural brilliance is both awe-inspiring and profoundly hopeful for humanity; it is also exceptionally ordinary.


Some of the most hopeful stories of people being touched by this brilliance come from people who society has deemed as “broken.”  Jacqueline Hollows, founder of Beyond Recovery in the UK, spends her days in the prisons working with this seemingly “broken” population.  In this otherwise dismal environment, Jacqueline sees beauty on a daily basis. She witnesses over and over, angry, hopeless, and often addicted prisoners transforming before her eyes. She feels the power of their falling back into their true natures -- as hopeful, clear, and innately loving and service-oriented individuals.


Sharon Strimling, a practitioner on Martha’s Vineyard had a 20 year dream of witnessing the Principles in prison, and finally was blessed to share that experience with Jacqueline and her team in England firsthand. She describes her time in prison as one of the more hopeful and awe-inspiring experiences of her life. In her own life and practice Sharon has seen profound transformation. Having healed from PTSD, anxiety attacks and depression, as well as much more mundane day-to-day encumbrances, her gratitude for her own transformation has fueled her work and vision. From sharing with non-profits to corporate executives to individuals, Sharon’s first-hand understanding of what truly powers our evolution is both deeply grounded in the ordinary, and relentlessly pointing toward the limitless.


From executives to prison inmates to the neighbor down the street, effortless presence is immediately available to all and touches us with a limitless and beautiful world.