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Deepening the Understanding: Illuminating Your Path (An 8-Week Course)

Have you been touched by the power of the principles? Are you having moments or days of more freedom, lightness or realization? Would you like to get a more embodied understanding of this life flow beyond what you are currently experiencing? These qualities of mind are universally innate -- and our birthright -- and we’ve been inspired to see them taking hold in our lives and our students’ lives every day.

When the truth behind the principles is illuminated and becomes real to us, a whole new world opens up that transcends our previous perceived limitations. We gain an ability to navigate challenges and pursue our dreams and life paths with an inspiration and ease that come from a literally limitless well.

For those who have been on any of our other courses, or other principles programs, we invite you to build on this powerful understanding, this exploration of what is possible and truly available in any moment. We will be taking this “Deepening the Understanding & Illuminating your Path” course to the next level and diving deeper into the nature of clarity, thriving, and vision.

In this course we’ll spend more time coaching and less teaching. We’ll take a look at the obstacles people are facing and the visions they’re having to help bring fresh creation and experience into the world for each and every participant.

This course will take place online for a total of 8-Weeks, meeting every Friday for 90 minutes. Class webinars will begin March 16th at:

9:00am Pacific Time (US & Canada)
12:00pm Eastern Time (US & Canada)
4:00pm GMT (March 16th & 23rd)
5:00pm BST (March 30th - May 4th)

*All classes are recorded and provided to students to view/download.

Cost for the Online Course Only: $275

Cost for the Online Course + Coaching Package, which includes two individual, high-impact coaching sessions (90 min each): $525 ($150 discount)

*Special Bonus: Register for this course and get 6-months FREE subscription to Innate Evolution -- your unlimited resource for top-of-the-line principles courses.*

What our students are saying:

"I highly recommend this course to everyone. It's life changing. After taking some private sessions with Sharon I was looking to connect with a group of like minded students. At first I wasn't sure the online format would work for me, but it was fine. More than fine - actually, amazing! Sharon and Christine are terrific teachers and made everyone feel welcome and facilitated sharing in a way that made us feel like we were all in the same room from around the world. A special highlight was having international guest speakers. Both Jacqueline Hollows and Rudi Kennard shared amazing insights and experience of their work with the Three Principles. I look forward to more teachings, as well as, insights, wisdom and love from fellow students on this journey."

-- Ruth McGorty, Martha's Vineyard, MA


"My initial enthusiasm for this course was only trumped by my enthusiasm for the 8 weeks of material, insights and beautiful people I had access to. I've thoroughly enjoyed glimpsing some truths, letting them percolate, then recognizing them showing up at different times and the least expected moments. I've felt a renewed sense of curiosity for life, and have discovered more patience while journeying on my personal path. What a feeling of peace to know that we can access wisdom and insight always, as these are the building blocks of our cellular make-up.

And who better to be out there, engaging with others and sharing these insights than Sharon and Christine! It's evident how happily and deftly they embody their role as guides in this life-long exploration. Their enthusiasm is infectious, their words and metaphors beautiful. If you have an opportunity to connect with these ladies, don't think, just do!

And, how lucky are we to have had as guest speakers both Rudi Kennard and Jacqueline Hollows, and their experience of sharing this profound understanding far and wide! I'm truly inspired, and it's only the beginning. I'm excited to see how this continues to unfold for me."

-- Megan, Martha's Vineyard, MA


"The personal elevations that I experienced throughout the " Living your full color life" program were significant and truly unexpected. Our group was special and flowed very naturally. My soul feels nourished and my spirit light.I found myself hungry for the interaction, the sharing and being present in the experience.

Making this decision to be a part of this group was challenging - I am a 100% responsible/single parent of 3 teenage children, with a highly demanding career and I just couldn't fathom how I could do it. This program ended up becoming something I couldn't wait for and I never missed a session.

Sharon and Christine also brought in two international guest speakers- Rudi Kennard and Jacqueline Hollows.

The sharing from Jacqueline was so organic and real - her purpose and passion just triggered many thoughts- just a beautiful session. The there was Rudi Kennard - another awesome being - I had to re-watch videos to keep taking it in - his soul is just bright & full of positive energy.

This was just the beginning for me- once I started understanding all of this so many pieces came together. I will never be the same and will never stop being a part of this and sharing with others.

I'm so grateful for Sharon & Christine and the love and wisdom they share."

-- Christine, California


"This course exceeded my expectations! I took it to hear the principles spoken through a different voice, and to make new connections. But I ended up growing and developing in new ways through this course. I did make new, close connections — but also a closer connection with myself. My compassion has grown, my connection is stronger, and my fears have dissipated.

I didn't do anything in particular, just showed up, hung around, contributed a bit, and listened — truly listened beyond the words to the essence of the people sharing.

I've grown up around so much hate, fear, and exclusion, and yet within this group I felt so much love and inclusion.The greatest gift was to see that that is within people, and that helped me shed the armor that I held onto to protect myself from something I completely made up. With that experience, I can help others see that within themselves, and help them to do the same.

The guest speakers were also awesome! Jacqueline brought even more compassion and Rudi brought even more truth. The people I've met through this understanding bring so much love, so much compassion, so much connection; and knowing that these all point to truth is amazing. There is so much hope for the world as this understanding continues to spread.

I would definitely recommend this training. As I see it, this understanding is the cure to eradicate violence, pain, suffering, and mental illness." 

-- Sophia Katerinis, Principles coach in training, UK


Sharon Strimling ….

Sharon has spent 25 years running businesses in the health and wellness industry, from therapeutic massage and fitness to integrative nutrition, coaching and yoga. All of her work, no matter the modality, has been imbued with an understanding of the mind she feels profoundly thankful to have come across in the 1990s. It is to this foundation that she attributes much of her own and her clients’ success in lasting wellness. Sharon now dedicates herself full time to mentoring and training people in this understanding, so that they too can experience widespread, meaningful, and lasting results.

"Working with Sharon has proven to be truly transformative, both for myself and my relationship. She is giving us tools we never knew we had, and teaching us how to use them without knowing we’re using them! Our sessions run the gamut from intense to joyful to funny to incredibly interesting on an intellectual level (I am an overthinker). I look forward to them every week, and I am seeing my partner and I becoming closer every moment, without even trying."


Christine Higgins …

Christine has always been interested in helping others, from saving nickels to donate as a child, to working as President of an education non-profit in her adult life. She made significant impact, creating new programs, building strong relationships, and even developing new technologies. However, achieving these results often felt slow and effortful. It seemed there mustbe a better way. In 2013 she discovered this “better way” when she was introduced to the fundamental principles behind peace, mental clarity, and ultimately - profound results. This was a turning point, and her life and work became so simple and effective that ever since, Christine has been out in the world sharing this paradigm with others -- so they too can live inspired and impactful lives.

"I had the opportunity to lead a seminar with Christine Higgins in Hartford, CT. I loved working with Christine! Her generosity of spirit and upbeat, positive state of mind, as well as her dedication to sharing the Principles helped create a successful seminar. I would recommend her as a coach, speaker, and presenter for any group!"

- Lori Carpenos, LMFT