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Helping Teen Girls Thrive: A Talk for Teens, Parents, Coaches, and Teachers


The teen years are often awkward.  The transition from childhood to adulthood doesn't come with a user's guide.


The difficulty of this time period can escalate with the increasing pressure to look "perfect" and share liberally on social media -- perfect bodies, perfect grades, athletic accomplishments, high test scores, many friends, exotic vacations.  This leaves girls constantly comparing their inner experience of life, to the outwardly displayed, fully choreographed experience of their peers.


While this challenging situation is not new (and adults can fall into the trap too), the current "solutions" out there are not very impactful or sustainable.  Mostly we try to control the environment, teach self-confidence, belittle others beliefs, or develop strategies to work harder and make our lives look more like the "ideal". 


None of this is helpful in the long run, and often these methods just contribute to the stress and sense of "doing it wrong."


Join personal coaches Lana Bastianutti and Christine Higgins for this 1.5 hour talk where we will unravel the mystery of self-confidence, stress reduction, and authentic action.  We'll show you how the mind works and how it is designed to bring us back to a centered, peaceful place, regardless of current circumstance.  


This is a special opportunity to see us in action for Free and preview what we're up to if you've been considering any of our longer teen programs. 


This program will be presented in the Arts & Crafts room at the Lexington, MA community center on February 8th at 7:00pm. 

Seating is limited, please click the button below to Register and save your spot.

Hope to see you there!