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Holiday Magic: Connecting with your family, friends, and partner

Join Lori Carpenos and Christine Heath, authors of the brilliant new book, The Secret of Love: Unlock the Mystery, Unleash the Magic, as they unveil where to find the magic this holiday season.

Just like food on a Thanksgiving table, the holidays tend to come piled high with expectations — whether you’re expecting picture perfect moments with your kids or bracing for political arguments with Great Aunt Marge, most of us have an idea, or ideal, about how the holiday season will go.

While these expectations may look like they’re preparing you for what’s coming, what if they’re actually getting in the way of truly enjoying yourself and the people you’re with?

You have visions of your partner turning flips over the gift you purchased, yet when they open it, their response is a thin smile and a brief “thanks”; or maybe the anxiety always kicks in two days before the office holiday party, so you’re already looking for reasons to stay home.

In this webinar, Lori and Christine are going to talk about what’s possible when people are free, despite expectations, and therefore able to deeply connect with others. They'll show you what’s possible regardless of past events and “old baggage.”

Imagine spending this holiday season tapped into the magic…You have peace of mind and feel connected to the people you're with — you don’t need to change them, you simply relax into your own best self.

Sound too good to be true? Attend this FREE webinar and be pleasantly surprised!