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Living Your Full Color Life, Now! An 8-Week Course

Sharon Strimling and Christine Higgins present "Living Your Full Color Life, Now!"
A Transformational 8-Week Online Course

**Register before Dec. 30th and receive "Finding Calm Within the Storm: The Resilience Paradigm" as a free gift from Rudi Kennard at Innate Evolution**  (a course worth $260)

  • Do you make the same New Year’s resolutions year after year?
  • Do you get anxious about whether you’ll follow through, or disappointed if you don’t?
  • Do you set goals you think are realistic because… well, change is hard?

You’re not alone.
Stores are overflowing with self-help books for a better, healthier or more productive life. “Get Fit Now,” “Daily Habits of the Rich and Successful,” and “Be Happy Today” are just the tip of the transformation iceberg. And while some insightful authors share complementary advice, perhaps from different angles, others give radically different “proven” tips. Why? Is there any rhyme or reason anywhere for how change happens?

Actually, there is!

The rub is that the world of transformation has been operating under a misunderstanding, a set of theories that, while very helpful for some, shift and change and contradict each other. And since they are based on the idea of self-improvement, they keep us reaching for the next book or technique. For most people their desired outcomes remain elusive or fleeting. For others they take years of practice or effort.

This paradigm of needing to work hard on ourselves for transformation has led to confusion, struggle, and a world of unhelpful ideas, such as “No pain, no gain”. When you look closely, everything in nature is fundamentally designed to adapt, change, and ultimately thrive. How, could we, as part of nature, be any different?

We’re not. We are nature. And as such, we have a built-in design, or rather, directive to thrive.

What has been missing until recently has been a universal understanding of that design. An understanding that applies to everyone, every moment of every day — no matter our past, our circumstances or our personality. An understanding based on natural law.

Does this exist? The good news is that it does, and…

…getting just a glimpse of this understanding is already bringing profound transformation, quickly and easily, across the globe; from Fortune 500 companies to prison cells, from wiping out crime in the toughest communities in the country, to wiping out bullying in schools, from healing mental illness to healing all manner of relationship.

Better yet, these shifts have proven themselves with staying power. The transformation has lasted because its foundation is a system that is dependable, consistent and grounded in the laws of nature.

During this 8-week course we’ll guide you through an exploration of these natural laws, and the ease that can literally underpin limitless transformation. Come find out how your evolution is not your pipe dream, but your birthright. It’s not your full-time job, not even your part time job, but the work of a brilliant system, working for you.

All the time you’ve spent on changing, you’ll now get to spend on living!

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