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The Spiritual Foundation of Psychological Well-Being

Please join Andy Winter and the Center For Insight and Change for this two-day seminar and half-day practitioner training led by Dr. Dicken Bettinger, internationally renowned teacher, clinical psychologist, author and trainer of new discoveries in the nature of the human mind and its unlimited potential. This seminar in well-being is appropriate for people of all ages and backgrounds.

"There is a quiet space within each of us that is the source of every moment of our feeling and experience. It is full of creative power and potential, is pure awareness free of the contamination of our conditioned thinking, and when entered, it awakens love and a knowing that guides us gracefully through life. Come spend the weekend being introduced to, becoming familiar with, and then exploring that space within yourself."  Dicken Bettinger

Well-being is everyone’s birthright. This seminar is relaxing to experience, educational in its style, and engaging in the direction it points you. Dr. Bettinger will share with you the 3 fundamental principles that underlie all human experience, and he will reveal how deepening your learning of these principles effortlessly raises your overall level of well-being. There will be an additional half-day on Sunday where Dicken will work with a smaller group of 3 Principles Practitioners.

Whether you are looking for greater ease in your relationships, parenting, work, day-to-day life, or would like to help others find greater clarity, peace and happiness, this workshop will inspire you and point you in the direction of limitless wellbeing.

“You already have within you all that you need for psychological well-being. The capacity for love and understanding is already complete within you. Deep within, waiting to be uncovered, is your wisdom. It exists beyond anything you are thinking. This wisdom is untouched by any memory, no matter how painful that memory may be. This wisdom lies beyond any experiences you have had or are now having, and is prior to any beliefs or ideas you have about yourself.”   - “Coming Home: Uncovering the Foundations of Psychological Well-Being” Dicken Bettinger & Natasha Swerdloff

Friday-Saturday Workshop $250
Sunday Practitioners Training $75
Livestream $150

If the price of this event is prohibitive please contact Andy Winter at as some financial aid is available.