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Enjoy your Dating Experience From Now On

Lori Carpenos and Mark Howard created this course because they know that any struggle you are currently experiencing around dating and partnering will be decreased, and in some cases completely eliminated, with a deep enough understanding of the Principles, because they are the operating system that governs all experiences in life.

This small group (10 participant max) course will meet online for an hour and a half every week, for four consecutive weeks, with calls beginning at 11:00AM EDT.  The sessions will be recorded and kept private among the participants. 

During the course, you will:

  • Become aware of your dating stumbling blocks and what’s been getting in your way until now.
  • Learn how to master the self consciousness, insecurity and stress that occurs during dating.
  • Learn how to listen in a way that creates the connection you are looking for with your date.
  • Find the certainty that you have realized enough about the principles to date people with ease and comfort.
  • Start feeling more refreshed, peaceful and inspired about meeting new people and enjoying your time with them without feeling pressured
  • See how to apply what you are learning in all areas of your life where you deal with others: your family, your friends and your work.

For further details, or to register, click the button below.