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Turn Your Dreams Into Reality: Understanding the power of the mind

  • Webinar, online event (map)

All humans have the potential for greatness, creativity, innovation, love and understanding by virtue of simply existing. We get into choppy waters when we see our perceived lack of potential or success as coming from the external world or circumstances and not from fluctuations in the clarity of our minds.  

There is a pivotal moment in life when you see the potential of a dream to become a reality. That moment occurs when you see all the barriers between your dream and your current reality as being cultivated by your personal thinking and nothing else.

A barrier is only a barrier until you hurdle it, right? Most everyone has an example of hurdling a barrier that looked impassable. Whether it was a large or small barrier, at some point you stopped thinking of it as impassable. Your thoughts moved from impossible to improbable to possible and something got created. 

In this webinar, human performance experts Mara Gleason & Alexis Colantonio are going to expose the glass ceiling of our thinking. As soon as we see our barriers as created by our muddled or insecure thinking we can move past them to explore. Don’t be surprised if during this exploration your dreams drift into the realm of reality.

This event is FREE & donations to keep our work going are greatly appreciated!  To donate you can visit Eventbrite. Otherwise, just join us on Zoom at 2:30pm EST