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Massachusetts Meetup: Share Your Insights

We will start this meetup with a check-in, so bring in new insights or experiences that have deepened your understanding of the Principles.

Sharing our personal insights and perspective is a great way to further and deepen understanding for all of us. We will also read from and reflect on Syd Banks' book "The Missing Link," to remind ourselves of the original source of these ideas and to seek further inspiration.

As always, we are open to many possible discussion paths, and if there is something you want new perspective on, or a resource that would benefit the group, feel free to bring that up, too.

New members are always welcome to this meetup! This is a casual, friendly group and anyone can jump in at any point. These conversation groups will be most impactful for those with a basic understanding of the Principles. If you are not familiar with the Three Principles, we invite you to go to resources to find out more and or attend intro event prior to the meetup.

Please bring a $5 contribution when you come. Based on estimated attendance and annual expenses, this should be enough to cover refreshments and Meetup membership overhead.

Light refreshments will be served.

Looking forward to seeing you!

*You will receive the address once you register for the Meetup group.

Photo by  Vienna Reyes  on  Unsplash