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Massachusetts Meetup Group: Back to the Source

As always we'll start with a check-in and introductions, and we'll discuss any new insights and challenges anyone wants to raise. (New members are always welcome! This is a casual, friendly group and anyone can jump in at any point.) We always try to have some focus for these meetings, much as we're completely open to the conversation going in any direction participants find meaningful. At past Meetups, people have expressed interest in discussing some common material that everyone reads or listens to, and the idea of listening to some of the things Syd Banks (the original source for Three Principles ideas) had to say was appealing.  You can go to the meetup group site, click here, to see what recordings we'll be discussing this time.

We sometimes have the opportunity to do the group reflection/insight exercise, so if you have an area in your life that you'd like some fresh thinking around, this can be a good way to get some new perspective.

These conversation groups will be most impactful for those with a basic understanding of the Principles.  But if you are not familiar with the Three Principles, no problem!  You can go to our resources page to find out more, or attend an intro event prior to the Meetup.

Meetup has changed the way it handles the collection of fees, so for now, please just contribute $5 when you come. We have reduced the fee, based on estimated attendance and annual expenses. (The fee covers refreshments and Meetup membership overhead.)

Light refreshments will be served

Looking forward to seeing you!!

*You will receive the address once you register for the Meetup group.

Photo by  Vienna Reyes  on  Unsplash