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Sanity in the Time of Trump

Join Ken Manning, Ph.D. and Kailia Star

for this evening talk and community discussion

               Kailia Star & Ken Manning

               Kailia Star & Ken Manning

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When our minds are clear, we can think for ourselves, know our own hearts, and benefit from our wisdom and conscience. We can then connect with others and find common sense, even in the face of considerable differences. 

When our minds are busy and reactive, we lose our bearings and our fears and imagination get the best of us. Connecting with others and dealing with differences then becomes confusing, competitive and can generate conflict or worse. 

To be strong and balanced citizens, as President Obama asked us to be in his Farewell Address on January 10th, we need to know how to stay clear and out of reaction as best we can. This is the only way we can remain sane in the face of changes that may go against our hopes and dreams for ourselves, our communities, our country and our world.

A principled understanding of how our human minds work is the surest and fastest way we have come across to remain balanced and wise in the face of our own reactions to change.  We don’t have power to control others, but we do have power to know our own minds and how to "stay calm and carry on,” which helped the British get through WWII. 

In this evening talk and community dialogue, Ken and Kailia will share essential principles that explain how the mind works that can help us all stay sane and thrive regardless of the quality and amount of change we have to contend with at any time. 

Please come and join us and bring your wisdom, openness and willingness dialogue about how we can all be our best in these new and challenging times.

$10/person suggested donation