Three Principles New England grew out of a simple desire to connect with others around the Principles without having to buy an airline ticket.  The more conferences and trainings I attended, the more people I met who reside in the Northeastern United States.  It seemed that there ought to be  a community in this region and an easy way to find out what was happening locally.

So I began Three Principles New England with three main goals in mind:


1) To provide educational opportunities for people to learn the foundational principles that create our experience of life every moment of every day.  The understanding of which allows each of us to uncover our own inner peace and mental clarity.
2) To sponsor events that foster community and connect people in the New England area. 

3) To support coaches/trainers/practitioners who use these principles in their work to bring about positive, impactful change for others.

I hope you find something useful and inspiring here!  

Wishing you love & peace,
Christine Higgins

Our Advisory Board

Whether it's by volunteering services, organizing events, donating time, offering guidance, or attending functions, there are many people that contribute to our ongoing operation.   Among these volunteers are a small group of people that are helping envision the future and direction of the organization.  We are lucky to have such a talented group guiding the ship.  

Linda Pritcher

Linda Pritcher

As a Three Principles coach, speaker and workshop leader, Linda helps people to realize the profound influence their inner horizon and state of mind have on their performance and success in the world. She combines a background as entrepreneur, artist and designer with her coaching expertise to help people create their own brilliant success in life and business, living from increased clarity, a higher performance level and deeper peace of mind.


Laurie Patt

Laurie is a retired healthcare executive with 40 years of leadership experience ranging from personnel and financial management to curriculum design, contract negotiations, and strategic planning.  Introduced to the 3 Principles in 1990, she used her understanding throughout her career to coach and mentor individuals and teams. 

Since retiring in 2014 she has taken on many volunteer activities, including coaching /training people to achieve success and realize their maximum potential and creativity. She currently serves on the Middlesex Community College Radiography Advisory Board and the Middlesex Institute for Lifelong Learning Curriculum Committee.  Active in the 3 Principles Global Community (3PGC) she is a member of their Healthcare Community of Interest and was the Volunteer Coordinator for the 2016 3PGC Conference.


Barb Ducharme

An experienced coach who has started, led, and advised numerous non-profit and for-profit organizations, Barb has a deep appreciation for the power of the Three Principles to increase mental clarity, release innate creativity, and enhance peace of mind. Barb brings to 3P New England a strong history of; successful implementation of innovative programs and services in organizations large and small; developing and delivering curriculum for personal and professional development; and program/project planning, budgeting, adept communication and evaluation skills.